Primer screenshot - Review & Publish


A new platform for mobile marketers to create ad campaigns with matching in-app landing screens.


  • Companies investing in mobile growth are seeing low conversion rates and high CPAs
  • Mobile marketers have success driving clicks but send all customers to the same funnel in the app
  • As a result, mobile customers are challenged with a first-time user experience that doesn’t meet their needs
  • Primer had built and launched a product for customizing mobile onboarding to a disappointing level of interest in their initial target market of product managers


  1. Confirm product-market fit for Primer’s proposed solution
    1. Mobile marketers are having trouble meeting their performance goals and are looking for solutions
    2. Primer would help them exceed their goals
    3. Primer would fit into and elevate their current workflow
  2. Develop a new advertising platform that results in better CPAs for growth teams and a better experience for their customers
  3. Build a self-service product that helps mobile marketers exceed their performance goals on their own


For this project, I held dual roles of Head of Design and Product Lead - New Products. I was responsible for:

  • product management
  • product design
  • customer development
  • user research
  • sales and marketing design

Process Highlights

Customer Development

  • Spoke to marketers and growth professionals at 20+ companies
  • Validated/invalidated our primary hypotheses
    • Pressure to meet goals
    • Methods used to meet their goals
    • Willingness and frequency trying new tools
    • Power within their organization

Design Strategy

  • Build on known paradigms from existing advertising tools
  • Use existing brand and visual design systems for faster learning and iteration on core interactions
  • Treat new features in the workflow as if they’d always been and always will be there
  • Lean into the iterative nature of our customer’s workflow


Ran reference customer and internal participants through prototypes to test and validate our plan for MVP.

User Story Mapping

In walking through our user’s journey, we distilled their wants and needs into stories that can be added to the backlog and prioritized.

Path to MVP

To validate our product as early as possible, and enable us to build and ship one major component at a time, we chose to use a combination of new, old, and 3rd-party solutions from the start, pruning dependences as we shipped functionality until we were left with only our new product for our Beta launch.

  1. v0
    • Flow creation in the old product
    • Campaign creation in the new product
    • Campaign management in Facebook's ad tools
  2. Alpha
    • Flow creation in the old product
    • Campaign creation and management in the new product
  3. Beta
    • Everything done in the new product

MVP Design Highlights

Primer screenshot - Ads & Flows As A Campaign

Ads + Flows As One

The heart of the new concept of a Priming Campaign is the idea that an ad and its respective app screen flows are one thing.

You don't create social media ads in one spot and app screens in another, only to glue them together elsewhere in various combinations. The cognitive load decreases significantly when the campaign is about crafting a journey through the entire funnel.

Every App Screen Is Editable

Primer provides a library of app screen templates based on best practices and past growth successes.

But each screen is customizable using a simplified set of controls. Choices are streamlined to keep the campaign creation and publishing process efficient.

Primer screenshot - Editing App Screens
Primer screenshot - Review & Publish

Reviewing It All

Before publishing, it's of paramount importance that everything is reviewed to avoid wasting budget.

Primer makes the process easy with navigable lists of all campaign Ad + Flow combinations as well as all targeting information expected by a growth marketer.

Measurement and Management

And just as important as creating campaigns is measuring their performance and managing their runs.

Primer provides all the power of a typical ad management platform with unique and helpful views of the full funnel that targeted audiences are seeing. All this leads to more informed decision-making.

Primer screenshot - Measurement & Management

Customer Impact

As a great example of Primer's impact, these are the effects we had on one major customer's performance:

Graph of CVR improvement of 134% over 2 months

+134% CVR

By month 2, we were averaging above a 134% improvement in conversion-to-purchase across all campaigns.

Graph of CPI increases of 140% over 4 months

+140% CPI

Having brought CPAs well under target, we were able to scale bids 3x-4x to drive additional volume. CPIs increased but it didn't matter …

Graph of D3 CPA decreasing 37% over 2 months

-37% D3 CPA

Because CPAs continued to remain well under our original goals, we were able to ignore CPI much like marketers now ignore cost-per-click.

Resulting in an overall improvement of …

11x New Subscribers/mo

During a critical period for the customer, we increased volume of new subscribers 11x while also dropping CPA costs significantly. These achievements were unlocked by improvements to the new user experience, where were made possible by the rapid iteration and customization enabled by Primer's unique approach to acquisition.


“Dogfooding” is invaluable

  • You’re using and stressing your product sooner
  • You don’t need to have all the pieces in place to ship and iterate - your coworkers are forgiving
  • Your users are highly motivated to dedicate time and energy to providing feedback
  • But always be careful to prioritize broad market needs over your own narrow desires

Get your product out there, yesterday

  • Your first customers will find all the problems you know about but will, more importantly, find all the ones you don’t
  • If your perfect customer needs a feature you don’t have yet, find a less-than-perfect customer to validate the work you’ve done so far
  • Early customers will be excited by a design-in-progress if they get to be part of finishing it